Ohmega Energy

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Ohmega Energy GmbH
Am Johannesberg 1 A-1100 Wien



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„The current flows – wherever we are“

The employees at Ohmega Energy GmbH came up with the slogan “The current flows – wherever we are” with the aim of ensuring the highest possible availability of your power supply.


Our philosophy

• Competence focus

The core of all our activities is our customer and their expectations which we always endeavour to fulfil. We achieve customer satisfaction improvement by focusing on the individual requirements and value criteria of our customers, making every effort to provide the best service quality and open communication.  

• Employees

We have the know-how and the performance willingness to realise the individual requirements of our customers. Independent further development and integration of creative approaches are promoted.

• Partners

We maintain a partnership-based, long-term relationship with our selected partners in order to jointly promote the quality and reliability of our products.

• Economic philosophy

We work together for the success of the company in order to create new workplaces and safeguard existing workplaces.

• Constant improvement of all processes and procedures

Our customers have the guarantee that we implement constant improvement awareness through compliance with our management system and continuous improvement of our organisation.