Ethics Code of Conduct

Our Ethics Code of Conduct

Compliance with and implementation of the values anchored in this Code of Conduct at Ohmega Energy is an important concern for us. Therefore, we also require our stakeholders (business partners, suppliers, distributors, employees, etc.) to comply with and implement the contents of this Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct of Ohmega Energy GmbH is based on applicable rules of conduct around ethics, human rights, anti-corruption, elimination of all forms of discrimination and health for all employees.

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Uphold human rights

We uphold equal opportunities and equal treatment of all persons, regardless of their skin color, race, nationality, social origin, any disability, sexual orientation, political or religious conviction as well as their gender or age and respect personal rights.

Occupational safety

We strive for the goal of “zero accidents” and for this we have established, apply and further develop a management system for occupational health and safety. We take responsibility for the health and safety of our employees, contain risks and provide the best possible preventive measures against accidents and occupational diseases.
We respect the freedom of association. Our employees communicate openly and transparently with management without fear of reprisals in any form.

Environmental protection

We strive for sustainable solutions and green growth. We have established, apply and further develop an appropriate management system for environmental protection. We respect all measures concerning the protection of the environment, minimize environmental impacts and continuously improve the measures set.

Business Ethics

We maintain fair and open dealings with our stakeholders and work together with them to find tailored solutions.
We behave impartially and do not tolerate any behavior that is coercive, threatening, abusive, discriminatory or exploitative.
We establish behaviors that serve to preserve free and open competition.
We act autonomously, i.e. calculations, pricing, the preparation of business conditions, sales or operational activities, research and development activities, investments and strategies, etc. are carried out or decided independently by the relevant departments within Ohmega Energy. We do not tolerate any form of corruption including extortion and bribery.

We reserve the right to adapt the Code of Conduct if necessary.

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